One famous tale about a grave site at St. Genevieve Cemetery in Centerville is a myth. “I’m convinced its not spooky or scary,” Wendell said for many reasons. They story goes that a witch was buried at the site and the site is marked with a strange piece of ironwork on his grave and the person who found the body would be granted a special abilities. Over the years, the site has been desecrated and described that Wendell suggests people stay away from the area in general.

Wendell wanted to dispel the rumor for good. “It’s actually a 16 year old boy who is buried in the Catholic cemetery,” she said.  “The death certificate reads 16 years, one month, one day old in 1880.”

The boy’s father was Lewis Wienks who was very active in the community and remained active after his sons death.  Wendell said her best guess for the ironwork was something to protect the body from grave robbers. “There was good money in digging up cadavers with the college hospital nearby,” she said. “The goal was to make it difficult for the robbers to get into the grave site.”